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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Beginning Friday, 13 March 2020, the Natolin library changes its mode of operations and it will be closed for external users until further notice. In cases related to loans/returns of books or access to electronic resources external users are asked to contact library at:

The Library has been developed primarily as a collection for the teaching and research purposes of the College of Europe. It is expected that users not affiliated to the College of Europe should have exhausted other available resources before turning to the Natolin Library.

External users who would like to apply for permission to use the Library resources are requested to follow the following procedure:

• Complete and submit an admission form (Polish version available here) containing basic personal data and information on their research project and the material they wish to consult in the library. The completed admission form should be sent to the Library by fax (+4822) 6491290 or e-mail

• They will be given a decision within 3 days

• Each visit to the Library must be confirmed by phone (+4822) 5459440 to ensure that appropriate assistance from the Library staff will be available

• At busy times for the College, the Library has the right to propose a different time for the visit from that proposed by the visitor

• Incomplete or group applications will not be considered

Please note that:

• Borrowing privileges are granted only to students and academic staff of the College of Europe. External users can consult the library material and documents only on site

• When demand for access to computers or photocopy machines exceeds supply, priority is given to students of the College

External users are kindly asked to ensure that they have appropriate change in order to pay for photocopies and printouts