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Europe Direct

The European Documentation Centre (EDC) in Natolin was created in 1993 as an integral part of the Library of the College of Europe at Natolin. The EDC is a depository for official publications and documents of the European Union published and distributed by the EU Publication Office in Luxembourg. It is granted a double language status and receives one copy free of charge of important publications from the EU published in English and French. The EDC collection includes monographs, periodicals, and documents. In the recent years the number of publications in print has been significantly reduced.


The motto of EDC network is: "Information about the Community at universities and research institutes". The three main tasks of EDCs are:

  • helping universities and research institutes to promote and develop education and research on European integration
  • encouraging universities and research institutes to take part in the debate on Europe
  • do what they can to make Europe more transparent by helping ordinary citizens to learn about the Union's policies

Since January 2005 EDCs belong to Europe Direct, a network of EU information centres.

Monographs and periodicals

The EDC Collection currently contains 4200 monographs and 45 titles of periodicals. Monographs and periodicals are arranged by subject classification. Each copy of a publication is assigned a call number which indicates its location on the shelf.


The collection of EDC in Natolin contains the following official EU documents:

• Official Journal (EN) from 1987 on paper
• Official Journal (FR) complete set from 1958 on paper
• Official Journal (EN/FR) on microfiche (full set)
• COM documents (EN/FR) from 1993
• European Parliament Reports (EN/FR) from 1993
• European Court of Justice Reports (EN/FR) complete set